Saturday, October 29, 2016
Sierra Valley Lodge - Calpine, CA

Live Music by the

Costume Ball ~ Dancers ~ Fortune Tellers ~ Prizes

Once upon a Halloween, a gypsy caravan pulls into to town, filled with dancers, musicians, fortune tellers and magic.
So come, get together, let the dance floor feel your leather.

All will be entertained, rewarded and participate in the hoopla, with prizes for best costume, King and Queen of the Ball and more.
Dance your feet and clap your hands to the Bourgeois Gypsies,
who have traveled near and far, from festivals to clubs,
to perform for you with a host of the best local talent,
to make for one very Tipsy Gypsy ball.

We want you!
Hula Hoppers, Dancers, Poi Spinners, Jugglers, etc.
Come and be a part of the show.
Interested in participating?
Email us at

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